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This discography is in no particular order.  It would be difficult to put them in chronological, or any other -logical order, so they are in order of when I enter them!  Many CD issues re-couple her concertos with her recitals.  Sometimes there is a re-mastering of material in Japan and it is released under a different name (for example, see Le Cygne, and compare with Recital or A Lasting Inspiration below). There are also many collections which include one piece, or one movement of a piece played by Jackie, as in CDs entitled "Unforgettable Classics", etc. I choose not to list those since they do not feature her playing primarily.


The LP Covers of Jacqueline du Pré
2 Very Rare 45 RPM Records
Recordings by Composer
Japanese Discography
Jacqueline du Pré track in Cello Classics release
Thanks to:

Raymond Chan  and Roger Ellison for their early contributions;  Kimmy Szeto for prompting me to include more recordings which I don't have!; Luce Cordero for evangelizing all her friends about Jackie, discovering the Bernstein collection, and allowing me to move Favourite Cello Concertos and Tchaikowsky Trio to the CDs *in* my collection - and a great friendship! ; to Sean for sending me the images for the Celibidace Strauss and Elgar/Delius CD, Mijeong Kim for the CD cover of the Beethoven with Bishop-Kovacevich, and to Raymond L'Hereux for the wonderful Arkadia live recording! I am also grateful to Ivan in China and Satoshi Nishihara in Japan for the artwork and CD info on the 18 CD Japanese set The Art of Jacqueline du Pré. Finally, thanks to Li Hsing-Han in Taiwan for the cover art and correct listings for the Recital CD and to Neil Hunt for the information about the Zubin Mehta Elgar concerto. All others I acknowledge within each entry -- this paragraph is getting way too long!!

If you have a CD or other recording which is not listed, or incorrectly listed, please email me and let me know.  It may take me some time, but I will post it.

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