Dave Kristol - Philadelphia, PA - July 23,1968

I've attached scanned images of a program I attended on July 23, 1968 at which du Pre was soloist and Barenboim conducted. I included the second page in case you wanted the little remainder piece about du Pre that continued from the first page.

Robin Hood Dell was, at the time, an outdoor amphitheater with a six-week summer season that had reserved seats, for which "patrons" paid, and general admission bench seats that were free. The Philadelphia Orchestra performed under the name "Robin Hood Dell Orchestra". I was an usher, which provided me a good excuse to attend all the concerts.

The concert is one of my most cherished concert-going experiences. What I recall was being blown away by du Pre's intensity while she played the Saint-Saens concerto. It was a wonder the cello didn't catch fire. (Think of the scene from "The Witches of Eastwick".) She wrapped herself around the instrument, her strawberry blonde hair flying all over.


If you have a personal recollection of a concert or a meeting with Jacqueline, please let me know. Thank you.

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